School Cleaning Toolkit

It’s always good to let your school community know about any changes, so we’ve produced some resources for you to use to let them know what’s happening and to get their help.

You can also access our school cleaning page:

Changes to cleaning in your school

This is a video that you could use on any screen in the reception or communal area. It can be amended to have your logo and uses subtitles. The video explains what is changing and why, and how individuals in the wider school community can help.

For help with uploading your logo and exporting the video in PowerPoint, please see the guides below.


These are posters that could be printed off and hung around the school as reminders of what is expected by individuals to help keep the school clean.

Door hangers

Door hangers will also be used to remind people (these will be supplied and placed on relevant door handles before and after the coatings are applied).

If you do not have door handles, we can provide a poster with the same message to put up on the door or in that area.

Email communications

These documents contain some words that you could use to send out in an email to your wider school community. They explain why the school is making changes and what they are likely to see but provide reassurance that the environment will still be clean, hygienic and safe.

Newsletter article

This newsletter article explains more about protective and enhanced coatings and their benefits.

Social media posts

This social media template below includes examples on how to keep your school tidy and the benefits of using protective coatings:


These blogs can help your students, staff and parents learn more about the benefits of introducing cleaning practices in schools.

Useful links

This link contains videos which will help staff, students and parents learn more about protective coatings and surface enhancement and how they can keep building users safe while improving the standards of your school.


These documents have more information about surface protection and surface enhancement and will answer any questions you might have.

Need help?

If you have any questions about the information above or you would like to know more about how Nviro can help, please contact your Service Manager or email the Marketing team on

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