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We know that each school is different; Nviro solutions are crafted with care to make sure that it befits your operation, student body, estate, and culture. We’ll also take time to understand your operation and short- and long-term goals, adding value as a strategic partner. Whether that’s seeking efficiencies, restructuring your shift patterns, reducing your carbon footprint, or simply adapting to afterschool clubs, Nviro’s service teams go the extra step to enhance your student experience.


The Covid-19 Pandemic

has heightened the profile of cleaning and hygiene within the education sector, and in particular, schools are seeking new ways of managing their facilities. 

Nviro has been in the business for 30 years, so this is nothing new to us – as one of the first companies to deploy electrostatic spraying and ATP testing as part of our regimes, our partner schools receive a service that is ahead of the curve in innovative hygiene strategies. 

We know the link between student attendance and performance, so Nviro will support you in providing the best opportunities for your student body. We do this by providing clean, hygienic and thereby safe environments so your building users can truly thrive to be their best.

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With a diverse range of educational establishments in our portfolio, we’ll meet your needs head on, ranging from:

  • Laboratories and Science Departments
  • Engineering Workshops and Technology Suites
  • Dining Halls
  • Sports Facilities, Swimming Pools, and Gyms
  • Computer Laboratories
  • Classrooms
  • Residential Accommodation
  • Day Houses & Common Rooms
  • Offices
  • Porterage & Janitorial Services

Specialist Services for education establishments

We go as far as to say there isn’t anything that we can’t do or won’t do. We provide a full-service cleaning solution for your routine and specialist needs – whatever it takes to keep your establishment clean, hygienic and safe for your building users to thrive in.

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Full-Facility Cleaning

From classrooms and sports facilities to the cafeteria and toilets, from assembly halls and the library to staff rooms and student accommodation, we have it covered.

Campus Expertise

Whether single site or multi-campus, we manage operations successfully over widespread geographic areas, maintaining the highest consistent standards.

Faculty Appreciation

If you have a wide range of facilities for different academic or vocational specialisms, our solutions ensure that specific requirements are fully met.

Student Accommodation

You can count on us for both regular cleaning and turning around accommodation after student departures, as well as porter services.

Venue Hire

Offering commercial conference and facility hire offers an important revenue stream; we provide a quick and thorough turnaround before or after any event.

Our Customers

Creating clean, hygienic and safe environments for students and staff to thrive in.

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Creating clean, hygienic and safe environments for building users to thrive in

Transform your cleaning experience today by choosing a professional service provider of clean, hygienic and safe environments. Contact us now to get started.

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