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Our people values are aligned with yours

Just like your school, our success is driven by our people. We respect them, we champion them, we train them, develop and look after them.

We are proud to commit to working only with clients who have these values and who are delighted for our team to be welcomed into theirs. It’s really important to us – at the very core of Nviro.

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Across the cleaning and support teams, Nviro is made up of 1,300 highly trained, motivated and innovative colleagues. Every one of them wants to do their best for you and your school, taking price in creating clean, hygienic and safe environments in which your pupils, staff and visitors can thrive.

Experience ensures they can innovate and anticipate your needs to give you a great service.

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We ask you to sign a Charter and we do the same. It outlines the foundation of our service and the importance of our people and makes promises to you. In return, we ask you to promise certain commitments to our people working alongside yours.

They are at the heart of the success of Nviro and we want them to be a part of yours.

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Our values

Dignity before profit value icon

Dignity before Profit

We believe that dignity should never be the price of profit. By working with clients who share our values, we enable our people to earn a decent day’s pay for a day’s work, in an environment that values their contribution.

Work with meaning value icon

Work with Meaning

We believe that when people know that their work contributes to something beyond themselves, it builds self-worth and gives their job meaning. That’s why we’re championing the role of cleaning in the world, ensuring our people - and our clients - understand the difference they make.

Potential to thrive value icon

Potential to Thrive

We believe that it’s only possible to fulfil your potential when your basic needs are being met. To learn, teach or work effectively, you need to know your environment is clean, hygienic and safe. We create spaces where people can be their best, while also building a culture that allows our people to thrive.

Creating clean, hygienic and safe environments for building users to thrive in

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