When a building is clean, it leaves a positive impression and provides a pleasant experience

At Nviro, we believe that cleanliness is not just a matter of aesthetics but an essential aspect in creating a positive and comfortable environment for building users.  We understand that a clean space is an investment in the satisfaction and the building user experience. They don’t want to see a dirty stain on the floor, dust gathering on the windowsill or a funky smell coming from your carpets.

What makes a clean environment?

A clean environment is the foundation of a healthy, inviting, and thriving space. Creating a visually appealing space is essential to helping your building users to reach their full potential. You want your building users to come in every day and see that their environment is a thriving one.

Cleaner using a wet pick up to remove water from room next to wet floor sign

Routine Cleaning

Routine cleaning

Routine cleaning is what you expect from your day-to-day cleaning and involves everything you might see a cleaner doing, from vacuuming to wiping the tables to using the latest technology. As a result, your building looks clean and gleaming. These are the basic standards that your building users expect.

Non routine cleaning

Non-routine cleaning

Non-routine cleaning is anything outside your normal day-to-day cleaning. You might have an event coming up, and you want your premises to be cleaned to the highest standards, or it might be that time of year when your building needs extra care, whether this is removing stains or sealing the floors. Or, if you're expecting an important visitor, you might want a little extra sparkle.

Specialist Cleaning

Specialist cleaning

Our specialist cleaning team can tackle the most difficult of tasks. We bring in this team when it might be a requirement outside the on-site cleaning team.



We can help you by providing environmentally friendly and cost-effective consumables tailored to your specific needs, helping you reduce waste and lower your environmental footprint.

Our services

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Carpet cleaning

We specialise in professional carpet cleaning services, and can remove dirt, stains, and odours from your carpets. Our expert team uses advanced equipment and techniques to make sure a deep clean, leaving your carpets looking and feeling fresh and new.

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Cleaner carpet cleaning with machinery

A visibly clean building is crucial for maintaining a clean, hygienic, and safe environment

At Nviro, we go beyond surface-level cleaning to provide a comprehensive approach that focuses on proven hygienic practices and telling your building users what we do so that they feel safe.

CHS Model

Is your building clean, hygienic and safe?

We have developed the Thriving Spaces Audit to help you identify whether your building is clean, hygienic and safe. This audit is a thorough and detailed analysis that will enable you to identify areas for improvement so your building users are happier, healthier and fulfilling their potential. It allows you to tailor your cleaning services to meet your needs, ensuring a clean, hygienic and safe environment for all to thrive in.

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Creating clean, hygienic and safe environments for building users to thrive in

Transform your cleaning experience today by choosing a professional service provider of clean, hygienic and safe environments. Contact us now to get started.

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