Working with us

Nviro is made up of 1,300 highly trained, motivated and innovative colleagues across our cleaning, management and support teams. Every one of them wants to do their best for you, taking pride in creating clean, hygienic and safe environments in which your building users can thrive.

Nviro’s success is driven by its people. We respect them, we champion them, we train, develop and look after them. And in turn, they look after you.

We are proud to work with customers who are aligned with our values and treat our team in the same way. As part of our mobilisation of your contract, we ask that you recognise these values.

To help our people feel respected and valued:

Dignity Before Profit

We will:

  • Pay the Real Living Wage so that they can earn a decent living.   
  • Ensure our people look professional on-site and wear a uniform with our branding and their name – so you know who they are. 
  • Provide health, financial and lifestyle benefits to support their wellbeing.

We ask that you:

  • Welcome your cleaners into your community and treat them as you do your own team.
  • Provide free drinking water and a place for them to take a break. 
  • Provide access to toilet and welfare facilities.

To help our people thrive:

Potential to Thrive

We will:

  • Provide them with the right tools and equipment for the job and the training to use them correctly.  
  • Seek team feedback and manage their performance, success, and development.
  • Encourage and support their personal and career development. 

We ask that you:

  • Create a safe working environment and a zero-tolerance approach to bullying.
  • Support us to protect their physical safety (e.g. providing some flexibility for workers arriving or leaving in the dark or maintaining the fabric of the buildings). 
  • Support us in providing access to the resources that they need to do their job. 

To help our people know that the work they do matters:

Work With Meaning

We will:

  • Help them understand how their role makes a difference – creating environments where building users can thrive.
  • Share any feedback with the people involved.
  • Recognise and celebrate the work that they do through recognition schemes including Nviro’s People’s Choice Awards and Long Service awards.

We ask that you:

  • Appreciate, recognise and celebrate their achievements in the same way you would with other colleagues. This might include nominating them for a Shine Award. 
  • Involve them in your events and celebrations, respecting their own religious or cultural events such as Ramadan and Diwali.
  • Champion their contribution to your organisation’s success.

Creating clean, hygienic and safe environments for building users to thrive in

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