If you don’t feel safe, you can’t concentrate and you certainly won’t be able to focus or enjoy the time you spend in a space

At Nviro, we clearly communicate what we do and why we do it to help instil a sense of safety and confidence in our services and in your building. We want to help you to explain everything you are doing to create a clean, hygienic and safe environment so your building users can thrive.

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How do we help building users to feel safe?

Making sure your building is not only visibly clean but proven to be hygienic is essential. Your building users should know what you are doing and how this helps them.

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We use various tools to help engage with your building users, including social media and toolkits for you to use with templates and information to help building users understand what we are doing. We also use engagement roadshows, where we help building users learn more about what we do and why it is so important.



We use signage so building users can see that they are in safe hands with Nviro as their expert provider. Various tools, such as door hangers to show when we will coat the area with surface protection, stickers that let building users know that we have protected the area, and our CHS signs reassure people that they are in a clean, hygienic and safe environment.



Our cleaners are always recognisable and provided with professional-looking uniforms to help show the experts they are. All our cleaners have their names on their tops, so it’s easy to identify them, and are our teams are fully trained on safeguarding practice so you can be reassured you are in safe hands.



We see training as a vital for our team. Our cleaners are constantly learning new skills including how to best use innovative new equipment. Safeguarding is important for many of our clients and so all cleaners undergo training to understand what to do if certain situations arise while also knowing how to keep themselves and other building users safe.

Communication is crucial to help your building users to feel safe

At Nviro, we go beyond cleaning to provide a comprehensive and integrated approach that focuses on creating clean, hygienic and safe environments in which your building users can thrive.

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Is your building clean, hygienic and safe?

We have developed the Thriving Spaces Audit to help you identify whether your building is clean, hygienic and safe. This audit is a thorough and detailed analysis that will enable you to identify areas for improvement so your building users are happier, healthier and fulfilling their potential. It allows you to tailor your cleaning services to meet your needs, ensuring a clean, hygienic and safe environment for all to thrive in.

Take the Thriving Spaces Audit
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Creating clean, hygienic and safe environments for building users to thrive in

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