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Specialists in SEN schools. A different kind of service.

The challenges posed by cleaning schools for children with special educational schools are unique. We know you need a different kind of service to deliver clean, hygienic and safe environments in which everyone can thrive, your children, your teams and your visitors.

Nviro is a leading cleaning company specialising in schools for children with special educational needs in London, the South and South East. We have a pedigree in education spanning three decades, a team of 1,300 people and we clean 2.5million square metres of space every day.

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We understand that, as with every child, every school is different and needs a bespoke approach. Never is that more acute than in schools for children with special educational needs.

Those needs vary and most are obviously delivered through the school’s teams of amazing teachers, specialists and support staff. But cleaning programmes also need to respond to them.

Sometimes the basics matter most – like a cleaner with a familiar, friendly face wearing an instantly recognisable uniform. Or a team on the ground that understands that children with special needs have to be treated with warmth, patience and sensitivity, that they may experience stress and anxiety, and sometimes may behave in challenging ways.

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In some cases complex needs can involve an increased susceptibility to illness, making a clean, hygienic and safe environment vital for pupils to thrive.

Familiarity, routine, low impact cleaning, an awareness on the effects of certain chemicals and noise reduction can all play their part in appropriate and sensitive cleaning services.

In an SEN environment an awareness of allergens and the sensitivities surrounding the use of some chemicals is paramount and demands a specialist response. Our teams are trained in the use of chemicals, in risk assessment and in COSHH guidelines.

They are also trained to have an awareness of the sensitivities of noise, scents and disruption which we build into cleaning programmes.

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Why outsource with Nviro?

Achieving more while protecting your budget and your people.

Outsourcing cleaning to specialists is often viewed as more expensive than a SEN school managing its own cleaning team. At Nviro, we always deliver savings in this sector – and improve quality in the process.

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We're specialists

  • It’s what we do, all day every day – to the very highest standards.
  • We understand the challenges of your special educational needs school and are ready to respond to them.
  • We’re on top of changing regulations and legislation – so you don’t need to be.
  • We understand COSHH requirements, risk assessments and the latest regulation.
  • We’re always up to date with new products, initiatives and developments.
  • We’re passionate about sustainability.
  • We use cutting-edge technologies.
  • We have tried and tested systems, streamlining work and delivering the best outcomes.
  • We work smarter and better – not harder or longer!
  • Our professional, streamlined services deliver cost savings and higher productivity – ultimately contributing to better results.

We're a leading provider

  • We have buying power and offer economies of scale.
  • We have access to the most sustainable products and the very best equipment
  • We have comprehensive training programmes.
  • We have a depth and breadth of resource.

We take responsibility

  • We put an Nviro manager into your SEN school as your main point of contact and to manage the entire process.
  • We look after our people so that they look after you. They stay with us, and with you – getting to know your environment and becoming a part of your school community.
  • We manage the cleaning team so you don’t have to. We handle the legals, the HR, holiday cover, sickness, absences, recruitment, the additional need for specialist services, and quality control.

We focus on people

  • We have a team of more than 1,300 amazing people.
  • We value them, develop them, train them, nurture them and treat them well – and in turn we ask you to do the same.
  • We pay them fairly.
  • They are dedicated to keeping your school clean, hygienic and safe so your pupils and whole school community can thrive.

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Safeguarding. Safety first – and always

Safeguarding is the number one priority for any school but especially a school with vulnerable pupils. It’s our number one priority too.

Our comprehensive recruitment procedures give you peace of mind that every team member has been thoroughly vetted before they set foot in your school.

These include DBS checks, taking references, and thorough vetting to ensure our people are qualified, have the right to work in the UK, and are cleared to work with vulnerable people.

Our managers are trained so they have the skills to recruit new team members with a full understanding of safeguarding processes and the sensitivities surrounding children with special educational needs.

The compliance software UComply is embedded into our recruitment and HR processes, carrying out digital Right to Work checks and continually updating with the latest legislation to ensure all Nviro people are legally compliant and can represent your school well.

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Looking after our people so they look after you

Find out more

Nviro Thriving Spaces Audit. Find out if your building is clean, hygienic and safe

Our Thriving Spaces Audit will help you identify whether your SEN school buildings are clean, hygienic and safe.

The detailed, personalised 30-question audit takes just six minutes. Your report will identify whether your building users are truly thriving in a clean, hygienic and safe space or if there’s room for improvement in your cleaning services.

We’ll also give you some suggestions about how you can make improvements to enable you to create a space where building users can thrive.

Analysis of your audit will help ensure your pupils and all the school users are healthier, happier and able to fulfil their potential.

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Our Services

Routine Cleaning

Routine cleaning

The daily or weekly routine tasks that keep your school environment clean, hygienic and safe. This keeps standards high and is the type of cleaning that empties the bins, vacuums, dusts and removes odours and stains.

Non routine cleaning

Non-routine cleaning

Non-routine cleaning – sometimes known as periodic cleaning – supports the everyday routine with deep cleans – for example, during half terms and holidays.

School life changes daily and our non-routine cleaning services respond to those changes.

These are programmed, working with you, our dedicated team cover school events, the rental of space to outside groups, visits, and so on.

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Reactive cleaning

Our cleaning teams tackle the most challenging tasks such as graffiti or chewing gum removal, high level jet washing, and preparation for open days and other school events.

Specialist Cleaning

Specialist cleaning

Our specialist cleaning teams are brought in to tackle the most challenging tasks such as the stripping and sealing of sports halls.

Plan a clean, hygienic and safe school

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Creating clean, hygienic and safe environments for pupils and staff to thrive

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Creating clean, hygienic and safe environments for building users to thrive in

Transform your cleaning experience today by choosing a professional service provider of clean, hygienic and safe environments. Contact us now to get started.

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