Leading the way with cleaning innovations

We’re committed to staying ahead in the cleaning industry by using innovations that add value to our clients sites and contribute to creating clean, hygienic and safe environments for building users to thrive. From eco-friendly products that minimise environmental impact to technologies that enhance cleaning, we continuously introduce the latest innovations. Below are just some examples of how we use cleaning innovations on our client sites.

Our innovations

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We use ATP testing to identify surfaces that have more bacteria than others. This smart approach allows our teams to tactically reduce cleaning in areas that don’t need it as much as those with high levels of bacteria.

Using ATP testing on surfaces can provide multiple benefits including:

  • Increases cleaning efficiency
  • Improves hygiene levels
  • Helps reduce sickness levels among building users

Creating clean, hygienic and safe environments for building users to thrive in

Transform your cleaning experience today by choosing a professional service provider of clean, hygienic and safe environments. Contact us now to get started.

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