Customer Charter

Our Customer Charter tells customers what they can expect when working in partnership with Nviro. It identifies what we will deliver, how we will do it and the service standards we aim to achieve. It also outlines what we expect from our customers to enable us to support them in creating clean, hygienic and safe environments for their building users to thrive in.

We expect everyone to be respected and appreciated as an individual for the value they bring:

Dignity before Profit

You Promise:

  • Acknowledge your cleaner/s and treat them as part of the team.  
  • If you interact with a cleaner, learn their name and how to pronounce it correctly.  
  • Create a safe working environment with a zero-tolerance approach to bullying where your cleaner/s can feel safe in carrying out their work. 

We Promise:

  • Your cleaner will wear a uniform and look professional on-site, arriving with a smile and they will have the right equipment to deliver a good job. 
  • We will address any concerns or issues you might have about your cleaning service in a constructive way, providing you with solutions rather than problems. 
  • Your cleaner/s will be paid Real Living Wage so they can earn a decent living and afford the basics. 

We expect everyone to be recognised for the contribution they make at work:

Work with Meaning

You Promise:

  • Recognise and celebrate the achievements of your cleaner in the same way you would with other colleagues. This might include nominating them for a ‘Shine’ Award at Nviro. 
  • Appreciate what your cleaner does (and doesn’t do) and champion their contribution to your organisation’s success. 
  • Involve your cleaner in events and celebrations at your site and be respectful of any religious or cultural events that may be being observed, such as Ramadan, Diwali, etc

We Promise:

  • Your cleaner will be respectful and recognise that a clean, hygienic, and safe environment is essential to you and your building users.  
  • If you have a regular cleaner, we will make sure you know who your cleaner is, when they will be on-site, and make sure they understand your priorities.  
  • We will share any feedback with the people involved and thank people for providing it.  

We expect all team members to be given what they need to do their job properly and feel that what they do matters:

Potential to thrive value icon

Potential to Thrive

You Promise:

  • Provide your cleaner with an environment where they can thrive that includes access to free drinking water and other facilities such as an area where your cleaner can take a break (where their working hours allow) and the provision of toilet facilities with appropriate products and disposal. This might also include providing a location to gather with colleagues before the start of their shift and a secure storage space for their personal belongings.
  • Enable your cleaner to feel safe and welcome. This might include some flexibility for lone workers arriving and leaving in the dark or an alternative to lone workers using lifts where there is a risk of them getting stuck.
  • Provide access to any technology needed such as free WIFI, power sockets for their cleaning equipment.

We Promise:

  • To respect your building and ensure that it is looked after while your cleaner is on-site, taking care to keep security information and keys/access codes secure.  
  • To provide the right training and equipment to ensure your cleaning requirements can be met.  
  • We will ensure we provide a great service in line with what you have contracted us to do.  

Creating clean, hygienic and safe environments for building users to thrive in

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