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University of East London

Nviro’s cleaning excellence shines through during King Charles III University of East London’s visit

The University of East London (UEL) celebrated its 125th anniversary with a visit from King Charles III. Nviro’s team pulled out all the stops to make sure the university was immaculate for the King’s arrival and the thousands of visitors in attendance for this historic occasion.

In anticipation of an exceptional and top secret visitor, the UEL facilities team was working hard to prepare for the visit and an event expected to attract over 8,000 people that evening. Nviro, a specialist provider of clean, hygienic and safe environments for 30 years and a partner with UEL for 12 years, had the vital role of making sure the university was gleaming.

In the build-up to the arrival of King Charles III to UEL’s Stratford Campus, Nviro deep cleaned the brand new Hospital and Primary Care Training Hub, the Great Hall, and parts of the University house. Nviro were also part of the preparation, with various walk rounds to understand the route King Charles III would see and making sure the route was spotless.

Nviro also provided expertise with a range of specialist services such as jet washing, high level cleaning, window cleaning and pigeon mess removal so that inside and outside the university were dirt, mark and stain-free and shining all around.

The big day had arrived with students, staff and visitors greeting King Charles III while he toured the university’s state-of-the-art Hospital and Primary Care Training Hub. Three of the Nviro cleaning team had the pleasure of being introduced to the King and shaking his hand. Overall, the day was a success for UEL, with Nviro helping the university prepare for one of their most prestigious visitors on what many would say was their most memorable day.

As a specialist cleaner in educational settings, Nviro provides clean, hygienic and safe environments in universities, colleges and schools. Read our blog about protective coatings and ‘reducing absence – keeping children in school is not an impossible dream.’