Clean, Hygienic and Safe

What do we mean by Clean, Hygienic and Safe?

For three decades, we’ve worked with clients that want to create environments in which people can thrive. Environments in which people can do meaningful work and fulfil their potential. These are higher function goals, that can be easily undermined by not having the basics covered. It’s hard to teach and learn in a space that is dirty. It’s impossible to do so in an environment that actually damages your health. And, feeling unsafe and worried about your wellbeing has a direct impact on a person’s ability to think clearly.

Cleaners wiping surfaces in school

What is Clean

Cleanliness is a sensory experience. It is something that we primarily see, smell and touch. We all make constant and instant judgements about a whether a space we are in is clean. You can see it in a smear on a window, a rancid smell from the facilities, or a sticky substance on the underside of a seat. If you consider a space to be unclean, it is not unreasonable to assume that its users are not treated with care and respect.

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What is Hygienic

Hygiene can’t be seen; it has to be proven. Unlike cleanliness, you cannot make instant judgements as to the actual hygiene status of a space. That is the presence of bacteria, viruses or pathogens. While a sense of uncleanliness might lead you to assume that is it also unhygienic, it is not safe to assume that if it looks clean it is also hygienic. It is this lesson that the Covid-19 pandemic brought into such sharp focus.

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What is Safe

Safety is something we feel. It is the absence of fear and anxiety. It means we can focus and concentrate on our purpose. Any leadership team needs to be concerned with both the physical and psychological safety of their building users. A clean environment helps to foster feelings of safety by expressing that people are cared for. A hygienic environment protects their physical safety. What is often overlooked is how this is undertaken and communicated, both of which can have a direct impact on how safe people feel in an environment.

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The Nviro Clean, Hygienic and Safe Approach

Taking a holistic approach with our clients allows us to align what we do with your immediate and long-term goals. At the core of what we do is balancing the levers of visual cleanliness, proven hygiene and a feeling of safety. We do this because you need all three of these working well to protect the health and wellbeing of your people and the reputation of your site and organisation.

Working with Nviro as your professional service provider to deliver clean, hygienic and safe environments gives your building users, the space to truly thrive.

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Creating clean, hygienic and safe environments for building users to thrive in

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