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Why independent schools should consider outsourcing cleaning

20 February 2024 Category: Educational Establishments Independent schools Schools, Academies and Trusts

Your independent school may look and smell great, but is it hygienically clean and free from bacteria and viruses? Staff and pupils need to feel safe in the knowledge that you are doing everything you can to look after their wellbeing. Only when these are combined do your people feel safe and secure enough to focus and thrive.

Maintaining independent schools to this standard and protecting their reputation demand specialist skills, meticulous management, a dedicated team and access to the latest and best technologies. We know this requires a different kind of cleaning service, which is why outsourcing can help.

Schools may fear outsourcing as expensive or difficult to manage – but in fact it can give greater value and be easier than running an in-house team.

Here are five reasons why independent schools should outsource cleaning:

1) Outsourced cleaning specialists understand your unique challenges

As independent school cleaning specialists we understand the challenges of your school and are ready to respond to them. From statutory and regulatory obligations to constantly changing legislation, we stay on top of them so you don’t have to.

Independent schools also have a wide range of facilities, each with their own cleaning needs. For example, libraries, labs, classrooms, sports facilities, art studios and accommodation each require very different approaches.

Knowing and understanding this means we ensure impeccable hygiene, maximum efficiency, and the very best value.

2) High standards of testing and reporting

As outsourced independent school cleaning specialists, our promise of a clean, hygienic and safe environment is backed with a schedule of agreed standards, testing, evaluation and reporting.

Regular reporting provides accountability, transparency and reassurance, while helping us refine our processes for maximum impact – keeping your school community safe, productive and focused.

Analysis of our work and its impact helps us work with you to tailor our work to your school’s needs and budgets – for example by adding extra focus to areas with the most touchpoints and highest footfall.

3) Access to cutting-edge materials and equipment

Outsourcing cleaning to specialists means access to a vast range of cleaning technologies. Our dedicated teams go beyond what in-house cleaners can achieve, using the latest technologies including antibacterial sprays, protective coatings and swab tests to verify the impact of our rigorous cleaning processes.

Our trained specialists understand COSHH regulations on chemical handling and storage and carry out risk assessments to ensure compliance and protect your school community.

An independent school proven to be hygienically clean is likely to see fewer days lost to sickness and an overall improvement in the health of pupils and teachers. That supports better academic results and improved personal and social development.

4) People focused

Our people are at the heart of our business and make the difference when it comes to outsourcing. We value them, train them, nurture them and treat them well – and in turn we ask you to do the same. 

We assign a dedicated contract manager based in each independent school to work in partnership with your own business managers, bursars, heads of departments, governors, teachers and facilities providers.

Our managers are exceptional at what they do, understand the sensitivities of independent school management and operations, and the need to work to budgets to deliver and value.

As well as the manager, your school will have a team of cleaners that remains constant – they are yours. If you currently have your own in-house cleaners, we can bring them into the Nviro team.

We handle HR, holiday cover, sickness, absences, recruitment, quality control and any employment issues, taking the load off your in-house managers and freeing them up to do what they do best.

5) Delivering cost savings

Outsourcing cleaning to specialists is often viewed as more expensive than an independent school managing its own cleaning team.

However, we can deliver improved standards while saving money because our trained cleaners, can achieve more in the same amount of time than in-house cleaners through streamlined, professional, efficient processes that drive improvements in productivity.

We can handle all aspects of your clean from the everyday through to one-offs. This eliminates the need to pay extra for special projects such as chewing gum removal – bringing savings and simplicity.

Through TUPE arrangements, you retain your existing trusted cleaners, while we add to their skillsets through training and give them better tools for the job.

We also understand the bigger picture, so can offer innovative solutions to issues and reallocate resources for maximum impact and reduced costs.

A clean, hygienic and safe environment goes beyond just cleaning, it’s about the happiness, health, and success of everyone who walks through your school’s doors.If you prefer to keep your school cleaning in-house and want to make sure you’re providing everything your teams need to be effective, feel free to talk to us.

If you want to find out more about how outsourcing can benefit your school, please contact our independent school cleaning specialist, Rob Richman at

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